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Northwest Hiking: Hiking The Coast And The Mountains Of Oregon

Hiking is one of Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiast's favorite activities. Oregon and SW Washington offer an incredible variety of forests, parks and national monuments ready for exploration and appreciation. Hikers should not be taken by surprise in this incredible area of the country however. Forest, coastal lands and cave hiking all present unique challenges to any hiker. The Pacific Northwest can prove to be dangerous if hikers are unprepared. Forest Trail Hiking The Northwest's forest trails are ideal hiking destinations because the scenery and beauty are unmatched by any other location. These trails wind through lush pine and fir tree wooded areas, tranquil open meadows, and creek and river crossed landscapes. The native wildlife - beavers, foxes, deer, elk, songbirds, squirrels - make it an ideal place for nature watchers. Oregon and Washington have very well maintained trailways and they take pride in their stewardship of the forests here. However, hikers should still be prepared for the unexpecte...


10 Advantages of Hennessy Camping Hammocks

Hennessy camping hammocks are a great alternative to using a regular tent while camping. Here are ten features of a Hennessy that really give them an advantage over other camping hammocks and traditional tents. Many of their features are also patented, such as the first five features listed below.They are easy to get in an out of through a bottom flap. You just duck your head and walk into the middle of the camping hammock, you turn around and sit down, lay back and lift your feet and the entrance snaps closed beneath you.It has a unique asymmetrical shape. Hennessy discovered that most people like lying diagonal on a hammock because it gives maximum comfort. So they developed some of their hammocks with a diagonal axis, they call this the "A-sym". The left side anchor point is moved up by your shoulder and the right anchor point of the hammock is by your knee. This makes the hammock feel longer and makes it wider in the middle.It has a "snap tight" zipperless closure that uses your body weight to automatical...


Bird Watching Binoculars: Enter A New World Of Bird Watching Wonder

Binoculars are one of the essentials when it comes bird watching. They take a tiny speck and turn it into something you can not only see but identify as part of your bird watching experience. There are a number of different brands and styles that are available on the market ranging from a few dollars to thousands of dollars a pair depending on what you are looking for. For basic bird watching, a standard set that you find in any hardware or sporting goods store will probably be appropriate to your needs. They are only a few dollars and usually hold up fairly well. Binoculars are always rated with two numbers. The first indicates the magnification power that the binoculars has. The second number indicates the front lens diameter. Usually these are written in the following manner 7x23. This set of numbers indicates that the binoculars have a magnification of seven with a diameter of 23 millimeters on the front lens. The magnification power of the binoculars that you want depends on how far you plan to be aw...


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